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Computers2Go is a buy/sell/trade computer business located in Las Vegas, NV that buys computers from business's that have closed in the local area and refurbishes them with a small hard drive (usually 40Gb), 512 Mb memory, and a CD/CD-RW drive. These units come with pre-loaded Office 2003, and Anti-Virus software. We feel this is a "Basic Computer" for anyone just needing a low cost computer for web browsing, checking email, and doing minimum home or small office functions.

Although these are considered "Basic" computers, you always have the option to Upgrade any of the components and/or programs to fit your needs, of course at an additional cost. You may also add an LCD Monitor, Printer, Scanner (as we have them available) to customize your needs, again, at an additional cost.

All computers have been cleaned, checked, burned-in for 24 hours, and rechecked before they are placed on the shelf for sale and carry a 90 warranty (customer must bring the unit back to us for repair/replacement).

Most all of our computers are Pentium 4 2.4GHz or faster computers from Dell, HP, Compaq, or IBM.